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Se rumorea que la preciosa Skelita que vimos ayer en la Toy Fair, pude que sea la nueva exclusva para adultos, vamos que de barata nada, seria la segunda MH Collector.

Ya veremos a ver como es la version final, porque como ya sabemos lo que nos presentan son prototipos. Y  a ver si se confirma lo de su exclusividad.






Skelita Calaveras-Monster High (Toy Fair 2016)
(Edición Especial)

I mean, the only thing is.. she’s no where near as fancy as the Draculaura one. They could’ve gone full La Catrina with the hat, the long dress.. but if she’s that y'all I may just have to customize one me self 

Is this being the Collector Edition doll still just a rumor or has it been verified?

Who said this was a collector’s edition? Definitely doesn’t look like one.
All of the parts of this doll are very cute but when they come together, they clash pretty bad. I’m noticing that’s a trend with a lot of these new dolls; I feel like the color and design pallets are too broad. In this dolls case, I think I would keep the skirt and maybe even the lace underneath but the top would either be plain black or feature a single rose from the skirt design. Then I’d do a lace jacket or collar/sleeves in white or possibly turquoise. The purple shoes don’t match at all; I’d go with the same color of pink on her lips with yellow accents. And finally, I think I’d give her a bit more color on her face. Right now, she looks like she has a snowflake motif which seems weird. (If I’m gonna push it, a tiny pink/yellow ring or bracelet would look nice, too.)
Also, do we know for sure this is Skelita? I don’t think I’ve seen anything that mentions her name. It looks like her but something seems off.
And what’s on her stand? Flowers? 

I saw a post earlier saying it was confirmed on instagram but my phone wouldn’t connect…Anyway, I’m just comparing it to the Draculaura- rooted lashes, the faceup was gorgeous, she’s got her little unbrella and her dress was super intricate and detailed (not that the lace skulls aren’t rad). The hair on Skelita is a little boring, the dress is pretty but nothing like Lala’s gown. Now- imagine a special collectors edition Skelita thats more like: orOk I don’t feel like looking for alll the pics I took. Sorry I just think a special edition doll should look a little more… I dunno, special? But if its just a new version of her, she’s alright. (Feel free to ignore me I have a lot of feelings about Skelita K?)

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